920 – 475 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4M9


First Track started on the premise that we would do things differently — walk the real estate paths least taken. Because when you step away from the norm, life becomes more compelling, more meaningful. Listening is key and curiosity is essential to form a deeper understanding of what people and communities want when it comes to living. We gravitate towards these open and honest dialogues. We are determined to build things that matter, to make a positive imprint on communities, and to collaborate with people who want the same. At the end of the day, we are locals who want to see our city progress in better and inspiring ways, together.

  • Sasha Faris
  • President

Sasha Faris has been immersed in real estate his entire life. Having grown up in one of Vancouver’s established real estate families, he understood the importance of building community and the foundations of thoughtful development from an early age. He joined his family at Intergulf, further enmeshing himself in the industry. When the time came to forge his own intrepid real estate path, he founded First Track, building upon a legacy of excellence in Sasha’s unique and creative way. He’s always had a drive to do things differently, to push the limits of what’s possible — like the time he pursued a dream to be an Olympic speed skater.

During his 15 years within the industry, he has contributed to the completion of 3,500 homes and managed over $500 million in investments. Now, with his own family, he strives to create a better city for his two sons and teach them the merits of community.


  • Matt Ilich
  • Director

Matt Ilich’s passion for real estate is partly thanks to being born into a long-standing Vancouver real estate family. And that passion only grew as he launched into the industry himself, exploring and thriving in roles on both the investment and development sides. He’s been at it for over 15 years, and he still gets excited about connecting people and projects with financing, creating buildings that matter, and strategizing challenges.

Beyond his community commitment within real estate, Matt has been a devoted advocate of charities and politics. He served on the Board of Directors for the Richmond Hospital Foundation for 13 years and assisted Premier Gordon Campbell. He consistently seeks ways he can support the well-being of Vancouver and those who live here. When he’s not formulating his next moves, he’s making “the best ever” scrambled eggs for his daughter.



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