920 – 475 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4M9

Investment + Development

Building better means tapping into the soul of a community. It means listening to the needs and wants of those who use and live in our spaces. People and places are everything to us. Doing things together is the only way forward.


The homes and buildings we create don’t follow a pattern or the crowd. They positively affect people – that’s the secret to inspiring communities and lives.


We connect concepts with capital by unearthing financing solutions for investment opportunities.

Our vision for building goes deeper than the physical form. We want people to feel something.

Woodland Block


Stretching across a full city block, Woodland Block is New York-inspired for an authentic East Van neighborhood at Nanaimo and 10th. Seventy-two townhomes and flats are designed for real life, with mid-century modern influences, spaces for an assortment of retailers, and resident amenities that bring people together.

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“We foster strong partnerships with industry leaders who are not afraid to think differently.”

Sasha Faris

Who We Are

First Track started on the premise that we would do things differently — walk the real estate paths least taken. Our two partners, Sasha Faris and Matt Ilich, are determined to build things that matter, to make a positive imprint on communities, and to collaborate with people who want the same. At the end of the day, we are locals who want to see our city progress in better and inspiring ways, together.

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  • Sasha Faris
  • President
  • Matt Ilich
  • Director

Latest News

At First Track, we are honored to have been given the opportunity to grace the cover of BCBusiness!

We are especially proud to have this article highlight efforts on the pilot project, Operation Welcome Home, in support of Ukrainian refugee families. We’ve transformed two single-family dwellings on our future development site into fully-furnished homes for displaced families in need. Through a combined effort with municipal staff, a settlement services operator, and advisors, we were able to provide living amenities, job opportunities, English language learning, and other support that’s needed to live here in Metro Vancouver.

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